Hi! My name is Alexandra Jordan Riley and I’m 24 years old! I have recently finished an internship and come September; I will be training to become a counsellor. I am a follower of Christ and would define myself firstly and foremost as a daughter of The King. If not for God, I would not be able to talk about my story today. I love music and have recently tried to become more serious when it comes to putting pen to paper and writing some songs! I also love getting lost in a great book.

Being outspoken to me is knowing that talking about your experiences is not wrong. Just because something should not have happened to you does not mean you have to stay silent. It means standing up and beside those who have been mistreated. It means defending those who cannot defend themselves. I choose to be outspoken because after recently dealing with some past trauma, I have seen how powerful it is to voice the things that have the potential to destroy so much when kept embedded within us. God saved me however I do believe he put people in my life, that so gently created a safe place for me to heal over and over again.

If you are struggling to speak up or reach out about something that you are experiencing, start small with those you can trust. Learn to go at your own pace. This is your story and you get to choose how you move forward from this. Don’t let your past or current circumstances rob you of your voice. You are worth so much more than you may have ever been shown. God bless you! x