My name is Amanda Ngcono Nkomo and I am 22 year old Zimbabwean born. I am currently a full-time student, model, public speaker, advocate of women empowerment, women’s rights and the support of the girl child radio host for Friday Night With ATM and a presenter. Also, I am Miss World Zimbabwe UK 1st princess 2017, Zimbabwean young achiever of the year 2018 for the Zimbabwean achiever’s awards, Zimbabwean international women’s awards rising star 2018, scholarship at the united nations New York City. Miss global international Jamaica top 20 representing Zimbabwe. I’ve done many different fashion shows, photoshoots, videos shoots, magazine covers and worked with amazing brands in the UK and Zimbabwe.
I am also the founder of a small international community charity foundation called ‘’Ngcono Mbowane Foundation’. Which aims to help and support communities within Zimbabwe. My charity recently won charitable efforts in 2019 and the Zimbabwean young achiever’s awards.
I believe in everyone should be able to live a positive and fulfilling life, I am passionate about creating change for the world to be a better place for everyone. I live by the term “Ubuntu” meaning I am because we are, or humanity towards others.

The definition of outspoken means to me to be able to feel free to say and express things that I want. Outspoken to me means not being afraid to address topics and to speak freely without worrying about any type of judgment. Being outspoken means to me I can share my views and my thoughts. The reason I choose to be outspoken is that I find that there is power in a voice. There is power in speaking and speaking freely. I was once extremely shy growing up and never really talked or used my voice, but the older I got the more confidence I gained the more I found my voice and it has been the best thing ever to be able to speak and speak out loud. It’s been a working process for me but I’m glad I have come to a place in my life where I use my voice and to be outspoken.

I love being a black female because of how amazing I think we are. We are great, powerful, soft, loving, caring, beautiful, well-spoken, we achieve such amazing things and excel in all things.
What I want other beautiful young QUEENS to know is that you are beautiful and amazing do not ever settle for anything less. You are all
deserving of so much love.
Know your worth. Love yourself look after yourself in terms of physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and mentally. Keep shining and keep going, keep breaking social norms and barriers. Keep working towards your dreams and your goals, because ladies you got this keep using your voices!

Sending so much love, blessings to you all
Amanda N Nkomo️