Hi my name is Ami and I am 19 years old, I would define my self as being a very introverted person. I am definitely very socially awkward but I have also never been afraid to speak up when I knew something wasn’t right!

My beliefs and values are that everyone should be true to themselves and not try to be something that they are not. I believe that it’s very important to be open minded especially in the world that we live in! Everyone is human at the end of the day and we should all be working together. I believe that if you see something that is not right then you should speak up no matter what the consequences might be.

I choose to be outspoken because when so many evil and wrong things are happening in the world I can’t just sit back and not say anything because “it’s not my problem” as that’s not true it is my problem and it should be everyone’s problem! I know that posting on Instagram isn’t enough but even if I can inspire just one person by posting I will continue to speak out. To me the definition of being outspoken means not being afraid to speak up when you know something is wrong and it is also not worrying if what you’re saying is viewed as “controversial” by others just because it makes them uncomfortable.

I think I have always been a very outspoken person and even more so when people would say “you are too young to know” that just made me even more determined. I have also been labelled as “too opinionated” but if speaking up about basic human rights makes me opinionated then so be it, I don’t believe that it should even be up for discussion.

I recently came out as bisexual and instead of people being supportive I lost a lot of people who I thought were my friends. It took a lot for me to even come out so to have that negative reaction shocked me a lot as I didn’t think it mattered who you loved. It took me a while to get over it but after I did I realised that I was better off without those people. I will never understand why people think that they have a right to judge someone by the colour of their skin, religion, sex or gender! It really is none of their business. I don’t see why people can turn a blind eye to such serious issues and injustice that is happening right in front of our eyes, I’ve had many conversations with people over the last month and I have repeatedly had to say something like “what if it was you or your loved one?” I shouldn’t have to say that to make someone see why their ignorance is hurting people.

If you are reading this and are too afraid to speak your mind because you’re worried what people might say…don’t be! Continue to be passionate, outspoken and further educate yourself so you can have more important conversations with people. “You don’t know what you can accomplish until you do it”, never be afraid to be yourself! It doesn’t matter who might not accept you because you matter and you will always matter!