Hello! My name is Amy. I’m 20 years old, and I’m a Yorkshire girl through and through. I’m very outgoing, really sociable and I love nothing more than catch-ups with wonderful friends. I think talking is one of the most powerful tools I have, and anybody who knows me will tell you I never shut up! I work in digital marketing, editing websites using HTML coding, which is a predominantly male-led industry, though I try not to let that weigh me down.

To be outspoken to me means realising the power and privilege that I hold, and taking responsibility in using my words and actions to promote good! To be outspoken, I believe that we should all be a consistent advocate for healthy change, and a shoulder to cry on for anyone who needs to be heard.

I choose to be outspoken because it’s simply the right thing to do. I want to amplify the voices that society doesn’t pay enough attention to, and take part in diversifying our nation’s narrative. Cultural collaboration is nothing short of beautiful, and I don’t want anybody in our country to feel comfortable without making an effort to understand other people’s backgrounds!

I implore you to stop making excuses for sitting on the sidelines while unjust and discriminatory battles are being fought. Your voice matters, regardless of who you are! It doesn’t make a difference how much or how little privilege you’ve grown up with, you can fight for what is right, and be part of something beautiful and real.