Hi! My name is Ariel Holder. I am from Boston, MA. I am one who loves to help other people in every way possible. If God has given His children wisdom, understanding, and knowledge why not share it with others who may reach Him through you? My number one goal in life is to have people see Jesus not only by what I may say but simply through the life I live.
To be outspoken is to be unafraid to speak on who you are, what you mean to yourself, who God is, & what He is to YOU. I choose to be outspoken because it builds character & shows God in me.
I love being a black female because it teaches me to love myself a little more & accept myself as not a part of the majority. As a black, Christian woman, there’s a certain way I choose to carry my self and I love every bit of it.
If there’s one thing I can share with other young, black women, it’s to always set goals and go for them. The sky is the limit! With God on your side, anything & everything is possible. God always wants the best for His children, so never think your valley is your destination.