Hi, I’m Bre! I’m a 22 year old grad student studying Forensic Psych. I aspire to work in the criminal justice/legal field despite my personality. I am in a constant battle with myself because I want to come off as an intimidating woman but, more often than not, I see a soft girl who thinks she has to be mean to be a bad bitch. I would define myself as a creative woman, outer spaced individual, worthy of princess treatment.

To be outspoken means to feel confident “coloring” outside the lines. Or doing it despite the fear of what’s on the other side. I choose to be outspoken because it’s progressive. Living outspoken to me is all about making moves that feel right, something I am learning to do every day.

I love being a black woman because I love our culture. It is an honor to identify with this group of people, no matter how many people have tried to sell me otherwise. I would tell other black women to always take advantage of the opportunity to get to have relationships with other black women. It’s something I took for granted but don’t plan on missing out on again.