Coming To Terms With Your Emotions


Our emotions are a gift, they grant us the power to express our pain, our love and so much more. And with that, we can connect and reach out to others. But hiding away our true feelings can also pull us further away from others. We may think we have control over the accumulation of emotions when in reality, the people around us can sense that something is weighing down on us.

There are so many ways we can come to terms with our emotions. Below are 3 important things to remember.

Accepting that you like or have feelings for someone.

For many of us, this may be an obstacle that we often try to conceal as we don’t want to feel vulnerable and weak. But as much as we try to hide our true feelings, they become noticeable. You’re constantly questioning whether or not you actually like the person as if it is some abnormal thing, but it is such a normal concept of our emotions.

Plain & simple – Feeling rubbish or mad.

We are so used to being told to suck it up, and neglect that we are not in the ‘best’ mood because of this ‘toxic positivity’ mindset society feeds us. One thing people fail to realise is that we are not robots, we are humans with complex emotions that cant be harboured inside of us. We are much more alike than we think. Although others may not display their times of anger and stress, those around us may have a sense of understanding and familiarity since it is such a human thing and something that needs to be normalised.

Letting go of your stubborn pride

This is certainly an obstacle that isn’t challenged enough. We allow our stubbornness to get the best of us. Especially when it comes to us neglecting the fact that we can’t always be right in every situation. Having this mindset will not allow us to grow. Yes, you may have done wrong however, you have learnt something from that situation.

We have emotions for a reason, if they were just meant to be kept in then they would just be thoughts.

They need to be expressed and voiced so that we can understand ourselves, as well as others. Because once again, we are much more alike than we think.

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