My Name is Grace Dewa and I am a singer-songwriter who loves God and expresses this through music. I’m 20 years old and Zimbabwean born. I am a full-time student who studies Public health at university. My passion for singing came when I was younger, I looked up to a lot of female singers in the music industry and used to imitate them. As time went by, I was singing in the church choir, performing at events, and ministering. Singing for me is a chance to express my feelings whether it be joy, pain, heartbreak you name it. I aim to release my own music which I want to have a positive effect on people by elevating their mood as life can be tough sometimes and encouraging them to draw closer to God or to even make God known to those who don’t already believe.

I would define being outspoken as being confident in freely speaking your mind despite what others may think or say. I choose to be outspoken as I can express what I want without fear of judgement and I can portray my views on topics/situations fearlessly. Growing up I was always confident in expressing myself but in uncomfortable situations, I would often stay silent to protect the feelings of others. But I have grown to learn that I have a voice and its essential that I use it! Speak up for what is right, it is better to speak up than to stay silent especially in a situation that matters.

What I love most about being a black female is our culture and our ability to light up the room wherever we are. We are also extremely talented, beautiful, and blessed in all departments. Something I want other young black women to know is at times it may get hard but never give up! You are capable of achieving ANYTHING you put your mind to, do not ever allow anyone to discourage you. Continue shining, love your roots and don’t ever change yourself just to suit others.

God bless x