Hi everybody my name is Kemi, I live here in the UK I am 21 years old and I am passionate about social justice. I run a small blog and Instagram page, where I talk about social issues that I am passionate about.
Outspoken for me means confidence. To live your life boldly speaking up about issues or things you care about. I choose to be outspoken because I want to live my life in a way that constantly aims to help others not out of obligations, but out of compassion. Some people may call me an idealist, but I believe that this world and it’s many issues can be overcome through compassion, choosing to speak up and intentionally, care about others, placing ourselves in other people’s position.
Lastly, I love being a black woman because, it connects me back to a powerful heritage when I think of women like my mum, Maya Angelou and Bell Hooks. I understand that I have a powerful identity heritage based on strength, compassion and love. I am privileged knowing I am part of black female communities!