Hi! I’m Maimuna, I’m a young individual just trying to pave my way through into adulthood. I am striving to become the best version of myself and be content!
Outspoken to me means to be transparent with your thoughts. In a challenging world like ours, the only way we can see ourselves thriving is to speak freely- there are endless opportunities available but we will never know if we do not speak.
I HATE the feeling of regret so being outspoken allows me to do/ say what I want. Life is honestly short and we’re here for a good time not a long time- say what you want and do what you like because it is YOUR life at cost! Growing up and noticing that not everyone will be your supporter was a hard pill to swallow which made me realise that only I am in control of my life so I must speak out to reach my goals. The world is your oyster, have fun with it ❤❤
All my love,
Mai x