Hi, My name is Mazvita Gatawa.  I’m a lover of God, food and a good glass of wine. I’ve just finished three years at university and plan to do a masters! I love cooking and lockdown has allowed me to go crazy with that and expand my personal recipe book.

To be outspoken means to have a voice without limits and I choose to be outspoken because it allows me to be very honest and open with those I love around me, in a way that doesn’t affect my relationships.

I love being a black woman, because black is beautiful. I love my beautiful skin and being unapologetically black. I get to experience the world in a different sense, from a different angle which gives me a different level of strength and vulnerability. And I also love that I’ll probably look 20 for the next 20 years; black don’t crack. I want black woman to know that you are beautiful and don’t ever water yourself down. Because being a black woman is unapologetically beautiful.