Hi all! My name is Nicole Bea Kerr. I am a 24-year-old Zimbabwean – British lady currently residing in the Netherlands. A love for the written word and human expression led me to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. I love helping others and currently feed young minds with knowledge as an English teacher and inspire many as a writer, YouTuber, and podcaster. Above all of this, I identify as a living soul who has been placed on this earth to bring positive change in the world.

Leaving my home country, family, and friends to migrate to a continent out of my comfort zone made me realise just how resilient I am as a human being. This has inspired me to try to make others see just how capable they are in achieving anything they set their minds to. I believe that we, as human beings are limitless beings, and we should try our best to understand who we are and not who society tells us to be – through this we can tap into our infinite potential.

Too many of us live life as though we have no control over it, yes, we cannot control our external world, but we can shift how we react and perceive certain situations. I will illustrate this with the aid of an example – when it rains most people complain about the rain but if you shifted your perspective to ‘wow, the rain provides life to nature’, then your perspective on the rain completely shifts and you view it as a life-giver instead of an inconvenience.

To be outspoken means not be afraid of voicing my opinion and thoughts about the world. To share my story and the experiences I have had without letting the fear of societal judgement limit me.

To be outspoken means to tell the stories of those who are voiceless, whether they are living under an oppressive government or battling to have basic human rights because of their gender, race, nationality, or sexuality.

I choose to be outspoken because it liberates not only myself but all those listening too. Perhaps my story will inspire someone else to also share their experiences in life and the trials and tribulations they may have faced silently.

Lastly, to anyone who may feel like they are unable to occupy certain spaces in life and struggle with sharing their views and story – you can do it and the world needs it.  Your voice is one of the most important gifts you have as a living being – use it. Often, we think what we want to say is unimportant, but you would be surprised at how many people need to hear your story. Remember, vulnerability is not a weakness, it is your greatest strength.