My name is Precious Dzirutwe, and I am a proud Black Zimbabwean. I define myself as being strong willed and determined in this world, although this can be misjudged as being the stereotypical “stubborn black girl”. I value the small things in life and believe that they are the most important, be it family or even just drinking your water, both which are taken for granted.

To be outspoken means to speak up about things that matter most to you which may be perceived as having little to no means of matter to others. I choose to be outspoken because my voice matters and it will always matter despite what problems or controversy it may bring.

I am Precious Dzirutwe and I am a proud black female. I emphasise this because we as black females are often looked down on and not given the same equal treatment as our fellow sisters of different races. Being a black female means we are art: a perfect expression of pain, struggle, strength and beauty. So know your worth sis.