My name is Rosalind Bootle, I’m a Jesus lovin’, rice lovin’, pattern lovin’, 25 year old Marketing Assistant from England. I would define myself as a daughter of a most wonderful, grace-filled God whose learning to cultivate kindness, honesty and joy into her every day. I don’t always get it right, but I’m so willing and open to learning. I love getting to know people, laughing, playing any kind of game (provided I win). I love poetry, films, stories, tech, journaling, calligraphy, candles and good food. I get fascinated by just about anything and love learning new things.

To be outspoken means to speak up even if your voice shakes. It means boldly and unashamedly speaking up and speaking out. It also means being able to apologise when you get it wrong, to build bridges, to allow people to speak and listen to the stories of others. I choose to be outspoken because I have felt the pain of not speaking up when experiencing injustice. I choose to speak up because I hold onto the hope that what I say, whether it’s to spark joy, to offer advice or to be honest might actually impact someone.
One time, my best friend told me “vulnerability gives rise to freedom” and I truly believe that. You never know how much freedom your story might bring if you have the confidence to share it. The same friend told me to “speak even if my voice shakes” and I’ve carried that into meetings, friendships, lectures and small groups I’ve led. It’s been a tough lesson, coming to terms with what you say and believing it to be good enough. You matter. Therefore, what you say matters. What you think, how you feel, your passions, your fire. It all matters. Don’t withhold it. The world needs that. The world needs you!