My name is Ruvimbo, I’m a 22 year old who is currently at the end of their undergraduate journey. I strongly believe in being able to acknowledge my self worth as well as thinking before speaking. I am a firm believer that through God anything is possible. I love conducting research with in my field and enjoy being one with nature every so often.

In my view being outspoken is simply standing up for what you believe in even if you’re going against the current. I choose to be outspoken because I am not afraid to voice out my beliefs, I am confident in the positive potential impact this may have on other people and thus I am able to take a stand, despite what others may think about me.

What I love about being a young black African female goes beyond the colour of my skin, it’s the heritage and culture that has been embedded into my very being. I would love for young black women to never be ashamed of their heritage, to go places no man has dared to and to be the best person then can possibly be! Believe in yourself young queen, you are the epitome of greatness, if you only believe.