Hi all, my name is Sara and I’m a 19 year old, black British female. I’m a daughter, a sister, a partner and a friend but most importantly, I am myself.

Outspoken is usually used in reference to one’s opinions and beliefs. However I believe that the way you present yourself can make you outspoken too. For example, in a society where 4c Afro hair is hated and misunderstood, it can be greatly outspoken to rock my natural fro. I choose to be outspoken with my hair because it is unique to me. It is the hair that grows out of my scalp and the hair that gives you insight into my ancestry.
Cutting of my relaxed hair and growing out my 4c strands makes a bold statement to both myself and to society: I must love myself and you must cater to me!

And to anyone reading this, understand that it is essential that you love yourself in all your natural beauty and that you refuse to settle for brands that don’t accept you, see you or cater to you.