How Self-Trust Can Improve Your Life


Today, we will delve into the practice of self-trust. What is self-trust and how can it help you to improve the quality of your life? Here are a few ways that can help you begin this journey of self-belief.

Self-trust is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as, ‘trust in one’s own abilities, qualities, judgement’. Given this definition, it is clear that self – trust is when you have the confidence to know that no matter what life throws onto your path, you will persevere and overcome it. Now that we know what the term means. How do we actually put it into practice in our lives and what outcome can we expect from this?

Firstly, practising meditation and mindfulness can help you understand who you are and this is the first step to believing in yourself. It is human nature to have difficulties in believing in something you are not even aware of. Thus, when you sit alone with yourself and your thoughts, you can observe how your mind works and listen to that inner voice in the back of your head that always whispers what you need in your life. In my years of meditating, I have discovered that this practice is one of the best (in my opinion) to actually know yourself and therefore trust yourself more. Sitting still and focusing on your breathing can also allow more room for that inner voice to speak to you and guide you as it quiets down the constantly racing mind. It is difficult to truly know if you want something when your mind and outer reality are filled with the opinions of others.

Therefore, tip one is to sit still with yourself, gain an understanding of what thoughts are yours and which are based on the outer world. You are now more able to observe your thought patterns and internal desires.

Secondly, as you gain more awareness of your thoughts, you now possess a better understanding of the thoughts that serve you and the ones that do not. You can now distinguish between the voice of your inner critic and your supportive voice. After this realisation, you can focus more on the favourable inner voice and grow a relationship of trust with yourself. The faith in yourself will lead you to the realisation that your inner critic has no control over what actions you choose and at the end of the day, you should have a little faith in yourself as you are your greatest friend or enemy – you decide. Try your best to not let self-doubt feed your actions as this will limit your true potential in life.

Thirdly, as fewer limitations of who you are and what you can be in the world are told to you by your inner voice, more self-trust is gained in experiencing the ‘new’. You see, when you take action on the ideas you have instead of doubting yourself, you create a domino effect and this action you have taken actually makes you feel more confident in yourself and trust the ideas that are guiding you to be the truest expression of yourself. Therefore, it’s important to listen deeply to what ignites your soul and to practice it, regardless of what the inner critic may say. To tie in with the previous point, it is a good idea to set realistic goals for yourself as this will help to build the muscle of self-trust. If you can achieve a goal then you are more likely to believe yourself when you aim for another goal and so on. The goal can begin with something as ‘normal’ as making your bed every day or taking a shower as soon as you wake up. After achieving these seemingly minute goals, you can transfer the self-trust you have in your ability to perform these tasks into other aspects and goals in your life.

The final point on self-trust is to understand that it is a journey and although you may get it ‘wrong’ sometimes, that does not mean that your internal GPS (intuition) is leading you in the wrong direction. Self- trust is failing at something you set a goal for and still believing that if you try again you will achieve it.

At the end of the day, if you have no trust in yourself can you really trust someone else completely? I encourage you all to try at least one of these practices and see if they build a little more self-trust in your capabilities and desires in this lifetime. I believe we all have a guide within us, it knows the path we are to walk on, we just have to quiet our mind and listen.

‘Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.’ – Benjamin Spock

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