How To Overcome Societal Pressures & Love Yourself More


How easy is it for us to fall into the ways of comparison and dissatisfied by the way we are. We are in a world that tells people it’s okay to make mistakes, yet glorify perfectionism. Telling people to be themselves but when they do, their unique character is questioned. Told to be natural and love our natural features. But when we embrace them, we are then compared to how people view the most perfect person to look like. Black women are told to love their skin and then rejected because it is ‘too dark’. To positively love yourself but not too much because that could come across as self-centred. The list is endless and the worst thing is that these expectations have been embedded into the ways of society for as long as we can think. It’s so sad to see that young children also feel the pressures to meet the standard society has said is perfect.

Here are some key points I would love to share on this topic

  1. Beauty is not only held by appearance. But is truly the essence of one’s character. There are many women out there who are beautiful yet so mean to others. Our looks will only take us so far but it is our character that shines the most.
  2. The pressure to achieve impossible standards will always be there. If anything, they will continue to develop as time goes on. If the main thing you’re worried about doesn’t care for you, then you must learn you are so valuable and your time and thoughts are to be placed elsewhere. The most important thing is for you to focus on what matters the most to you, your life and well-being. Whether it be your faith, beliefs, loved ones or what you do in life.
  3. Learning to love who you are. Even if you had the choice to look and behave the exact way society pressures you to, this would only fill temporary happiness. Something to consider is that even those who are admired as the most perfect feel the pressure too. If they then wanted to act, dress and look however they desired, they would be judged and compared to their old selves. That saying that we cannot please everyone is so true and something valuable for us all to remember.

Something we must be most conscious of is that society will always place expectations and pressures. But, the crucial decision is in our hands whether we choose to conform to the ways of the world. What we must ask ourselves is whether we will continue to be tossed and turned by the pressures or to love how we have been uniquely created. The harsh truth is, society doesn’t always want you to be who you are. If it did, we wouldn’t see or feel the pressures that we do.

Learning to love you and all your flaws is one of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself! x

Thank you so so much for reading! I would love to see your thoughts on this topic. Who could you send this to who feels pressured by society? You never know how it could impact them.

Whitney xo

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