Hiiii! My name is Sofia Loemba. I’m 19 years old and I’m currently taking a gap year! I’m a Christian so my faith is incredibly important to me and what keeps me going. Jesus is my biggest encourager!

One of the things I’m most passionate about is social justice! I love to fight for the oppressed, the overlooked, the one that doesn’t recognise the power of their own voice. Those are my people, I always look to encourage those around me. Encouragement is something so powerful, I truly believe that encouragement can release the best things in people.

To me someone outspoken is someone who isn’t afraid to speak up, someone that isn’t afraid of going against the status quo. This can lead to negative or positive results. There are some people who are awfully outspoken which leads to more division than unity. I always like to think before I say things and if they are going to lead to division I don’t say them. Unity is so important, there is so much strength in it. I have chosen to be outspoken because I refuse to be silent about oppression whether on the basis of someone’s race, religion, gender etc.

There are endless things I love about being a black female!! I love our culture, our power, our glow, OUR MELANIN, our hair, our excellence, our STRENGTH etc. One of the things that encourages me most is looking at black females around me and around the world. Women like Angela Davis, Michelle Obama, Viola Davis and many others. I just think that if those sisters made it then WE CAN TOO!