The Journey Of Healing…


Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to realise that healing is not a one-stop journey. But a journey with many stops at different station points in our lives. And at each stop, we learn something new that we didn’t once know before. It’s so easy to focus more on forgetting something and getting over it rather than going through it. But once we take the steps to go through the process and confront those things that hurt most, the closer we are to more growth and peace along the way.

It can also be frustrating at times when you think you are over something and then one small trigger brings memories and emotions back. When this occurs, never assume and think you aren’t healed or that you can never get over it, but allow the moment to be a reflection of the next phase of healing as there may be hidden things that haven’t been confronted and you are yet in the process to discovering what it is.

Here are some short reminders for you about the journey of healing…

1. Healing can look like a rollercoaster. And when that dip happens, don’t be discouraged with the positioning or the randomness of timing, but endure the process because when you take off upwards again, you will feel even better than what you once did before.

2. The journey of healing comes at different times to teach us something along the way. At each stage of healing, there is something new we realise about ourselves and also at times an indication of what we are ready to overcome next in the process.

3. Be patient with yourself in the process. Having ups and downs is normal and part of the journey. They allow you to focus on what you are getting better at, and what you are still struggling with.

4. The journey is yours. Don’t feel discouraged if you feel like your process is taking a bit longer than you expected. Or that you see others who have overcome certain experiences quicker than you. Comparing where you are to someone else will only take you backwards. No matter how similar the situation may be to someone else, focusing on your own lane will give you more clarity than trying to navigate your own life, as well as the lives of others at the same time.

The journey of healing will look very different for many of you. This is why everyone has a story they own and call theirs. Simply because the process of overcoming difficult hardships is personal. The journey might not be easy. But the results of how you will grow and strengthen in character is worth far more than anything money can buy.

I appreciate the support from you all. Thank you for reading!

Whitney x

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