Hello! I am Tianna Roberts. I’d define myself as a creator and lover of growth in all areas of life. I love to challenge myself and others to conquer the mind in order to walk in true purpose.
To be outspoken is to be unafraid to use the gifts and the testimony God has given you to build others. I choose to be outspoken because it is a part of who I was made to be.
I love being a black female because I get to be a part of this beautiful community we’ve created, that encourages us to love ourselves and others just the way God created us. We grow and encourage our sisters to do the same. I am so grateful for that!
I would love for other young black women to know that it’s not time to give up, and just when you think you should, that’s when you are closest to your goal. Once you push past your perceived limit, you’ve learned what it takes to see your goals and dreams to completion.