What 2020 Has Taught Us All


Wow. This truly has been a year many of us will never forget. From all the unexpected changes, grief and pain we have endured together, as well as in our individual lives. It’s fair to say how blessed you are for making it this far.

Especially if you didn’t know how you would make it or how you would see things possibly work out the way that they have.

There are so many things 2020 has taught us all. But here are a few lessons a lot of us have experienced.

1. Change will happen at some point, even if it’s uncomfortable. The amount of unexpected change that has happened in this year as a nation aswell as individually is a lot. Changes in how we spend our time, changes in our families, mental health, education, jobs. The list can keep on going. But the biggest thing to take from unexpected change is that it takes you into a position you’ve never had to experience. Whether it be good or bad. The fact that change happened, and you endured it even though it did have an uncomfortable beginning, is something that is an achievement.

2. Time is so valuable. The amount of plans we expected to happen this year which were put on hold in an instant really makes you reflect, and hopefully more conscious of how our time is spent. This definitely isn’t a message to say you should use every second to do what you love and spend it with everyone. Since it’s so important to also rest. But making sure that when you do have time, memories are something that can never be taken back. Memories are what we can remember as time continues to go on.

3. So many people are suffering more than what they may show to the world around them. Not everyone is bold enough or wants to share what is weighing them down. There are many people experiencing silent battles that you will have no idea about. And maybe one of those people is also yourself. The simple rule of being kind to people just because you don’t know what they’re going through may not be enough, as sometimes we will never know. But to be kind to people just because. Just because they deserve to be treat nicely as you do too. Treating others with kindness and having compassion shows who you are as a person more than anything else.

Although 2020 hasn’t finished just yet. And there may be even more things to come. This will be the year so many of you, as for myself, will look back and realise that you learnt and handled much more than you gave yourself credit for. A year of lessons and hardship. But, also declaring major blessings to come with what we’ve endured.

Whitney xo

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